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Significant increase reported in number of US citizens cutting ties with the homeland

Renouncing US citizenship is not uncommon, particularly for those 'accidental Americans' living abroad who do not have any ties to the US aside from being born there (step forward, Boris Johnson) but are still required to file US tax returns, pay US tax returns and report foreign accounts. It would seem though based on the latest reported figures that many more people are choosing to do so, and the COVID-19 pandemic may well have something to do with it.  For some renunciation is has been on their list of things to do but they just haven't had the time, until recently to do it; or the fact the world seemingly stopped for a period of time earlier this year meant that there has been pent up demand to renounce following lockdown.  The reasons for these increases in numbers are likely to be mixed but the figures seem to speak for themselves, and it will be interesting to watch if this trend continues.

Official figures published in the US Federal Register show that 5,816 renunciations were recorded in the period, a thirteenfold increase on the six months to December 2019.

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