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Morning Coffee Thoughts: Plain coffee or something added - What's your work 'to go'?

Yesterday it was a skinny latte with a treat dusting of chocolate powder but today it is  definitely unadulterated coffee straight from the cafetiere. Something to do with a new bean and an early start with a 'must get through' vibe! 

Gone is the morning habitual  'take out' from the corner office coffee stand -  was it really wanted or needed?  (half of it was foam! -  the best bit the barrista cheery smile). 

The work day and our expectation of it is changing , informed by lessons from lockdown , altered social behaviour and values  and increased use of technology.  New choices , challenges and opportunities for the worker and business organisations.  For both,  good  productivity is a likely shared goal. 

How to achieve this holy grail in  the post-covid office environment and what this means is not a new debate - see  selected tweets  from the British Council of Offices   

Whether a worker or employer , office tenant  or landlord there are  interesting  take outs from this New York Times article. 

One solution  may not suit all. There are likely to be   resulting  legal implications with changed employment contracts,  lease and licence arrangements and contracts for facilities and data management.

Reflecting on your work 'to go' ? 

The Office Will Never Be the Same That’s probably a good thing.


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