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Financial Abuse of Older Clients 2nd edition now available

My colleague Ann Stanyer's second edition of her book on the law, practice and prevention relating to the financial abuse of older clients has recently been published.  This is an essential read for professionals with vulnerable clients,  providing practical examples and guidance on how to deal with issues that arise in this area, highlighting financial abuse indicators, how to prevent abuse, seek practical help and legal remedies available.   

Part of 'Bloomsbury Professional's Family Law Series', this text is written in a practical, accessible style providing analysis, comment and in-depth analysis. The second edition is updated to take account of: · The impact of two pieces of legislation – Serious Crime Act 2015 and the proposed Domestic Abuse Bill which will assist the police · Agencies that are now tightening up on protections, including the banking industry and the Personal Finance Society. · A new chapter on grooming by perpetrators and how to prevent this. An additional appendix on practical examples and how to deal with the issues that arise