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Charity Commission holds its first online Annual Public Meeting via YouTube

In a live broadcast yesterday, streamed on YouTube, Baroness Stowell highlighted the lessons from COVID-19 and why they are critical to maintaining public support and building a stronger charity sector of the future.

It was good to hear Baroness Stowell emphasising the need for diversity within the Charity sector.  

She also used the opportunity to remind the public of the new and improved online register for charities, launched last month.   The register entry will now display more clearly whether a charity has been subject to regulatory action or is of ongoing concern, how many staff members receive pay packages of £60k and above, and notes where trustees are remunerated for their work. 

The Charity Commission must ensure our register of charities better reflects the reality of charity in our society and public expectations of registered charities.... We need people who may not naturally agree, people who think differently, perhaps look differently to come together, to get on board together, perhaps literally. Ensuring that people with a diversity of outlooks, and a diversity of backgrounds are involved in charities is the right way of meeting the challenge of ensuring that charities are truly welcoming for all people. And always ensuring the purpose they were set up to serve sits at the heart of their work.