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Reset time

Vivian Hunt's TED talk just went live

Time  to make intelligent use of s 172 Companies Act 2006. 

We need  to move beyond board reporting process and start effecting  meaningful, measurable and  beneficial change  for stakeholders. 

It would be great to see our fast growing UK corporates  and family businesses take this  lead and secure the ongoing engagement of employees, suppliers as well as customers.

This is truly the way to build brand loyalty and  to grow and cement competitive advantage. 

 We as  professional advisers need to do our bit by providing seasoned strategic advice to corporate leaders and sharing our models of success.  

Feel free to contact if you want to engage!

She says: "Business is a set of ever-changing human bonds through which we plant and grow and reap. Our harvest is our lives and livelihoods, our civil liberties, our skills and communities. Business is what we make of it. Let's hit reset and serve all stakeholders. "