The demise of Sir Philip Green's Arcadia Group is perhaps attributable to a number of economic factors which are out of the control of Green himself but Green's attitude to technology may well have contributed to its downfall. 

This idea chimes nicely with the assumption that Green is of the baby boom generation who are technologically adverse.  Whilst many of his contemporaries seek to co-exist with digital native millennial next gens who are shaping modern retail, particularly in a post-Covid world, Green his doggedly remained in the relative dark ages, and it would now appear, to his detriment. 

The great wealth transfer is seeing the transition of wealth to the next gen who are going to do things differently, often at the scepticism of the current generation.  This may, on occasion, be justified but it would seem that in Green's case, this scepticism has been misplaced and a greater trust should have been put in technology (and those who understand it) to have ensured longevity of his business empire.