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The Time Is Now: A Hong Kong Update

Wedlake Bell and Hong Kong law firm Hugill & Ip strengthened their offering to Hongkongers looking to move to the UK as The Times newspaper reports that Hongkongers are applying for the BN(0) visa route at a rate of 3,000 per week, higher than UK government figures had  originally anticipated.

We have now launched three publications which we have produced with Hugill & Ip by way of updates that build upon our video on the subject of UK immigration and tax considerations which was launched last year.

These publications comprise:

  - 'UK tax Q&A' in which I answer a series of common UK tax questions inspired by common questions we have encountered in practice as part of our advice to Hongkongers looking to move to the UK.  

 - 'Dear Julia' in which Wedlake Bell Immigration consultant, Julia Jackson, answers immigration-related questions posed by a hypothetical client looking to move to the UK.

 - 'An update from Hong Kong' in which Alfred Ip of Hugill & Ip provides an update on trends he has witnessed in Hong Kong as a consequence of the BN(0) scheme.

These publications are freely available on the respective websites of Wedlake Bell  (International - Wedlake Bell) and Hugill & Ip.

With many more Hongkongers likely to take advantage of the favourable visa scheme in the coming weeks, months and years, Wedlake Bell remain ideally placed to assist individuals looking to come to the UK through our continued collaboration with Hugill & Ip.  

For more information on how we can help please contact me ( or Julia Jackson (

The number of people who applied within the first ten weeks is more than a tenth of the 300,000 that the government expects to request the visa over the next five years, suggesting it has underestimated the appetite for the scheme.


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