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Thinking outside the (housing) box

Interesting thoughts from Matt Driscoll in Building on working "near home" rather than "at home". He puts a new spin on the meaning of mixed use developments in the light of the pandemic and predicted growth of "hybrid" working. Essentially he advocates reflecting a working near home approach in future residential development. Instead of adding home office space into modern housing units (or maybe as well as) why not include in the development shared working and recreation space to achieve the sought after work /life balance and aid collaboration/cooperation of workers, including of different trades/disciplines? Such an approach would also aid cross selling, save wasted daily commuting time and its related stress and have other related benefits . It will not of course work for all businesses but is a welcome illustration of designers working in the housing sector embracing the recent shift in working patterns.

Let’s switch ‘working from home’ to ‘working near home’ By Matt Driscoll 16 July 2021 No comments Save article We don’t have to make a binary choice between the old commute and working in isolation, there is a third way says Matt Driscoll


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