On 20th July the Construction Leadership Council ("CLC") published its ConstructZero Performance Framework (the "Framework") for tackling climate change. The Framework sets out headline commitments for the industry to move towards net zero carbon emissions. The targets of the Framework include, amongst others, eliminating 78% of diesel plants from construction sites by 2035 and ensuring that all new buildings are designed with low-carbon heating solution from 2025. The CLC will publish quarterly data on the industry's progress against the Framework.

This is obviously a positive move in the industry's fight against climate change. I attended the CLC's online launch of the Framework in which Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Construction Minister & Co-Chair of CLC, described it as 'a sector level dashboard'. In one of my previous posts, I discussed the potential challenges of defining and tracking carbon reduction. The introduction of the Framework may go someway to addressing this issue as it contains a series of measures and metrics against which the industry players can track their progress. 

It will be interesting to see whether the Framework can be used as a contractual reference point so parties are held more accountable to one another.