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Data-led Decisions

I have written previously about how data can be used (see post here) to make good decisions concerning not only the design and construction of buildings but also how they are used and maintained.  It was therefor encouraging to read that Wates has  announced that it will be investing in data in order to understand better the whole-life cost of projects.

Wates also expects that better data collection will assist in its decision making around decarbonisation. This is welcome news given the pledges made at COP26 and we would not be surprised to see other developers and contractors taking similar action in the near future.

Allen said the funding will be used to help Wates work with clients to better understand whole-life costs of projects in more detail than previously possible. It will also help inform whether refurbishment is a better option than rebuilding a structure. Better data collection and analysis is also expected to help the contractor make decisions to aid decarbonisation, and boost profitability overall.